Large Scale 3D Digital Visualisation – what we did over the summer

So what has the Digital Building Heritage group been doing over the summer? While the students have been away the DBH has been pressing on at full speed with new animations of a wide area of the De Montfort University campus in Leicester showing existing and possible future buildings. While the DBH is well known for creating visualizations of how buildings were in the past, the animations created by the DBH over the summer serve to show what could be in the future (we must stress, not necessarily what will be – these are purely speculative visualisations). This is a new and interesting addition to the group’s output. This series of speculative proposals have been visualized purely to promote debate and discussion about the appearance and form of new buildings and the De Montfort University campus which sits at the edge of the historic heart of the city and includes a number of historic buildings at its periphery which lend much to the area’s charm. This kind of visualization may be especially interesting for community heritage groups working with Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) “All Our Stories” programme and the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) Connected Communities: Community Heritage programme because it gives an indication of the scale of 3D digital Building modelling the DBH can undertake and the level of resolution and detail that can be achieved in pre-recorded fly-throughs. It shows that 3D digital modelling and animation need not be restricted in individual buildings but can be of whole streets or city blocks, creating a rich digital urban environment to explore and inter-connect with historical narratives , memories and artifacts. We very much hope that community heritage groups and others will want to make use of this larger scale visualization capability to tell their stories and help to achieve their aims. For more information on this aspect of the DBH’s work contact

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