Swannington Incline Railway Animation

Back in Leicester after the AHRC Showcase day in Edinburgh the Digital Building Heritage Group is releasing new videos onto YouTube. The first is the Swannington Inclined Railway which we have blogged about before here:( http://digitalbuildingheritage.our.dmu.ac.uk/2013/06/02/rain-steam-and-speed/ ) and includes an animated early Stephenson steam engine (it’s at the end of the clip) and shows really well how the foundations on the site at Swannington would have accommodated this engineering equipment. There’s something hypnotic about watching the recreation of this engine, with its large rotating flywheel being driven by the reciprocal action of the piston. We’ve also lifted off the roofs of the buildings so that you can have a better look inside to see where the boiler and piping were. We hope that this animation and other images that we are doing for the Swannington Heritage Trust under this AHRC funded project will allow the Trust to show visitors to their site exactly how the incline worked. Again we erred on the side of caution and adopted a diagrammatic approach to communicating how this complex of buildings and engineering structures worked. However we would like to add an authentic soundtrack so if anyone out there has an audio recording of coal wagons be pulled up fish-belly rails and would like to donate it to the project to go on the video we’d really like to hear from you.

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