New Technologies on Show at Digital Heritage 2013, Marseille

DH2013 banner #1 (small)The Digital Building Heritage Group is currently at the biggest digital heritage conference ever held in Europe, Digital Heritage 2013 (28 Oct -1 Nov 2013) at Marseille’s architecturally stunning new waterfront museum complex (the restored Fort Saint-Jean and adjoining new MuCEM and La Villa Méditerranée). Part of assisting Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) and Heritage Lottery Funded (HLF) Community Heritage projects in the UK is keeping our researchers up to date with the very latest developments in technologies and theories in the digital heritage field so that we can shape these to the needs of our community heritage partners. Seeing examples of the latest best practice and innovation and talking to the researchers who have been creating them helps keep the DBHG at the forefront of developments and in touch with other research groups around the world by sharing ideas and developing collaborations. We get to know the aims and ambitions of our community heritage partners pretty well, working closely on developing heritage visualizations for them and it’s clear that many of the exhibits and presentations at this important conference may be of direct relevance to developing those ideas in the future. It’s also important for further developing international collaborations, an increasingly important aspect of UK interest in community heritage research and one which the DBHG is prioritizing in future projects. For the staff from the DBHG who are there the historic venue in Marseille makes a warm and welcome change from the autumnal English weather! Photos by Jonathan Gration, DMU DBHG.

DH2013 banner #2 (small)

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